Live-Vessel is an interactive medical image segmentation software for locating vessels and vascular trees in 2D color medical images.

The user opens up an image in the software, e.g. a retinal photograph, clicks the starting seed point of a vessel, and points the mouse to the end of the vessel. The software automatically calculates the best vessel path (central axis and boundaries) from the seed point to the mouse position. As the user moves the mouse, the vessel is updated, in real-time, allowing the user to control the accuracy of the segmentation with minimal effort (a few mouse clicks).

The user can also create new branches to construct a complete vessel tree. The software can export the resulting tree graph, the radii of all branches, all the branching points, etc. which can then be used to assist in visualization and quantification for different applications

what is live-vessel?

segmented branching vessels, colors relate to width